Time to Climb...

Much like starting a workout program or a new project, getting Team Ascension up and running is entirely self-motivated. In this case, both the energy and the motivations comes from a group of 6 kids who have a dream to build a karate team in Central Minnesota that can compete with those in New York, California, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Florida.

"We can be just as good as other teams that have better funding. Why? Because we have heart," said Brent Haney, co-captain. "We have people who really care if our fellow team mates learn how to do martial arts right. Whether you are trying to learn traditional forms, creative or extreme movements, or just plain learn how to spar so you can actually defend yourself, we are blessed that the best coaches in the world from all over the planet get online with us and teach us every week. Let me be clear. We aren't a karate school. We are a professional karate team managed and trained by the best instructors all over the world. We aren't limited by geography anymore--because of the internet and zoom classes, no one has to be."

The team ranging in ages from 4 to 18 welcomes all people from everywhere to come join them online for free, or join a program at an affordable rate. The team even offers some classes for free so that martial arts becomes universally accessible to kids, parents, and interested adults alike whether they can afford classes or not.

"We meet every Friday at 11 AM CST. This class is free, and the hope is that it promotes a lifetime love of fitness and friendship," said Haney. Brent Haney can be contact at 218-513-5816 via text message for zoom link information.

All in all, the team has a good start. Heart can take them places.

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