Brent Haney 
Sparring/Creative and Extreme Forms Choreography
Saxon Haney
Traditional & Creative Weapons Specialist

Sensei Nelson Sunu 

4th Degree Dan

IOSTK Latin America Director

Team Ascension is the competitive sport karate arm that represents Alvarez American Sport Karate on the pro karate world stage.   Established and sponsored by a resident Brainerd family, this team is focused on building a better Brainerd via its unique position in the professional sport karate world, flamboyant forms and sparring style, and positive life training that takes karate lessons from the gym to a person’s real world dreams.  Whether a person prefers to be a part of the team as spectator fan or participant, we have a place for everyone in our program. 


Here at Team Ascension, we are dedicated to always achieving excellence in every aspect of our lives.  We know that there is always room to improve, grow, and better both our skills and our knowledge. There is also always more room to grow our team and help others to achieve the goals they are striving for. 


We are a karate team; that makes us family.  We are the best kind of family.  We pick each other up when we fall down, we show up for each other, and our leaders foster a positive environment that people can grow in regardless of where they start.  


Parents have commented to us that they really appreciated our competition team approach to class.  By sectioning our class time into organized stations, our instructors are able to take a close look at where our competitors are at, and what they need to be able to do to get to the next level in their training.  In short, our classes have a private lessons feel with the benefit of fellow students to  cheer each other on.

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