World Championship Karate Team Arrives in Brainerd, MN

Ten years apparently isn't that long. That was how long ago the Haney family moved to Brainerd, MN. And one of their first stops so long ago was a karate school right off of College Dr. Who knew that now in the Summer of 2019 their next step would be paving road so that kids and adults alike could participate together on a world class competition and performance team that runs just like family.

And their resume is impressive. Brent Haney and Saxon Haney have just earned slots on Team USA. This is exciting news because it is especially those creative and extreme divisions (both open hand and in weapons) that the family would most like to bring to Crow Wing County and beyond. "These are fun divisions! I hope people will come out and see us at the fairs, and maybe give it a try while we are there," said Brent Haney, 2nd degree black belt.

Brent and Saxon both are weapons specialists, but have a long resume of wins in traditional forms as well. Notably, Brent Haney scored a place on Team USA in not just forms and weapons, but sparring as well. Most competitors usually specialize in just forms or just sparring. Brent was able to cross that gap most impressively.

While the boys are tearing it up on the competitive karate mats, their three sisters are not lagging, but have equally impressive performances and wins notched on their belt. Kendall Haney took first place trophies home at the 2018 Ultimate Showdown, and Lizzie Haney did quite well in Guatemala at multiple tournaments, and most recently won pre-teen reserve grand champion at the well organized Cass County Talent Show June 28, 2019.

Lately, the youngest girls can be found honing their gymnastics skills with Miss Jillian at the award winning Heartland Gymnastics and Dance in Ironton, MN. Online, the students stay in touch and train with their sensei Felipe Alvarez from Guatemala City, Guatemala. In addition, the YMCA has been an outstanding place to develop the balance, strength, and flexibility they will need going into the 2019 tournament season. All of the young martial artists can be found around town daily where ever a large space might accomodate a growing team! Expect more great things from this growing team!

Nov 2 WKC World Karate Championships are just around the corner. Here, Brent Haney is practicing extreme bo.

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