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What would it mean to you to become a black belt? 
Our students will be exploring that question this fall and spring. 

To us, it means uniting the world with martial arts.  Whether your world is your local community, your state, your region, your country, or your continent...we all come from the same planet. 
Wouldn't it be cool if we finally were also all from the same team?

The Unity Cup allows people all over the world to represent their country as they unite with others in a quest to earn the ultimate martial arts honor: a black belt. 

How to be a part of the movement!

1. Your country needs at least one team mate registered.
2. After registration, come to class.
3. Points are awarded for attendance, change in mindset, techniques learned, belts earned, and community service completed.  In short, we are awarding the best kind of citizenship with points...and the country with the most points at the end wins The UNITY CUP for their country.
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