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Reading Together
Reading Together
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One of the best things we can gift our community is a love of reading! But for many children, reading doesn't come easily. It might be that they don't have books available... maybe they've never been taught that they can... whatever it may be, here at Team Ascension, we want to bring that love of reading back -- teaching children how to fall in love with storytelling and how to find themselves in a million different worlds!


This project is for everyone in the community! Making fun, age appropriate books available to as many people as possible only brings us together! Building literacy here in Brainerd helps us grow! 


 By contributing to our project, businesses can make reading a forefront presence in their space, give kids who visit their stores a place to read, and build potential all around them!


⁠Kids keep a log of the books and where they read them! When they have contributed 100 minutes of reading in their day-to-day, at your business or at home, they can come to Team Ascension Martial Arts and pick up their 6 free classes!


We come to your place of business and set up a basket of books area for your young visitors to read! We take a picture of you, your basket, and your business and put it on our vast social media network! The badge you can put on any of your advertising!

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