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Our Offerings

American Kenpo

Orginally deveolped by Ed Parker. American Kenpo is the United States jewel for self-defense. What makes it different from any other style of martial arts is that it fits the average person and it uses their own personal body mass to defend themself! 

Come learn how to defend yourself with your own body mass and practical technique!


Karate-do is the foundation of any Martial Art. Thanks to Master Funakoshi the father of modern karate, his revoultionary karate style, "Shotokhan" has influenced many other styles such as American Kenpo, Korean Martial Arts, Boxing, and Kickboxing. 


Learn the ABCs of Martial Arts and elevate your game today!


Tang-Soo-Do is a Korean martial art, that relies on high-kick and high level flexibility and energy!

Come obtain your next level in Martial Arts!

Sport Martial Arts

Sport Martial Arts is one of the youngest styles of Martial Arts. It combines certain styles of martial arts such as American Kenpo, Karate-Do, and Tang-Soo-Do. With elements of Gymnastics, Tricking, Bo, Kamas, Swo and more!

Come learn what makes Sport Martial Arts special!


Train2Work is a program dedicated to building ithe future of martial arts instruction. It takes a person with no previous martial arts experience, and turns them into instructors in less than a year!

Build your future now!


S.M.A.R.T is a program dedicated to supporting in-person as well as virtual schools! We support schools by reinforcing the values of that school. Whether that is discipline, focus, or even respect.


We use martial arts to help invest back into the school!  

Meet Our International contributors From all over the world providing tutorials spoken in both spanish and english!

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